The color of the plate


My creations wants to be useful and fit for every menu, when I thinking first about the color for each ceramics.
I’m glad if you use them frequently, and it wants to be a all-arounder.

So I usually using white color, rather because it has be large in area.
But It leaves to be desired that using only white color.
I think about another color that fits for a lots menu, so that I made a light grey color nearly white.

When I saw the color at first after cooked by electric kiln, I thought that It will be fits for something yellow foods like a eggs.

My grand mother sent me some freshly dug bamboo shoot from Kumamoto where in south of Japan, so that I made a risotto with them, chicken, and some kind of mushrooms.
And some scrambled eggs on the top, just a titch of truff salt.

ceramic: Plate Φ24cm grey

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